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Shingle Preservation

Roof Preservation Technology with Bright Green Roof

Add valuable life to your existing roof:

  • 100% PLANT-BASED



Pliability refers to roof shingles ability to adapt to weather changes. Shingles are evaluated in two areas: weather-side up and weather-side down (in other words, the outside and inside of the shingle). On all treated shingles, Shingle Rejuvenation Oil improves the flexibility both on the weather-side up and the weather- side down sides. This is important because it highlights Bright Green Roof’s ability to fully restore shingles so that they are better able to perform against the elements in the US & Canada.


The weather-side up or outside of an asphalt shingle is covered in a grainy material that fortifies the shingle against weather changes. As roofs age these materials fall away and diminish the performance of the shingle against the elements. Using Shingle Rejuvenation Oil significantly improves the amount of this material retained on each shingle. Since less material falls off the shingle after treatment by Bright Green Roof, compared with the amount that is displaced on an untreated shingle, your roof will be better protected long term.


Permeability measures the amount of water vapor that is transmitted through the shingles. Shingles that are treated with Shingle Rejuvenation Oil ensure that the transmission of water vapor is reduced. This gives Bright Green Roof treated shingles a permeability rating close to that of new shingles. Furthermore, shingles treated with Shingle Rejuvenation Oil exhibit a flame spread that is greatly reduced compared to untreated shingles.


On all shingles, hail can leave depression marks on impact. In testing, shingles that were treated by Bright Green Roof perform better and showed a reduction in the depth of impact marks when compared to those shingles without the Shingle Rejuvenation Oil application.


Testing in the four areas above has consistently shown that aging asphalt shingles treated with Shingle Rejuvenation Oil have an overall improved performance compared to their untreated counterparts. Bright Green Roof offers a tested and researched option for homeowners who wish to extend the life of their existing shingles. This makes Bright Green Roof a great option for the budget conscious and those who are simply not ready for a full roof replacement. Our sustainably sourced, one hundred percent natural, plant-based asphalt additive treatment enriches the color of your shingles while it revives, restores, and protects your roof against harsh climates. The penetrating oil re-saturates weathered shingles restoring element proofing capability as well as pliability. Coverage for the roof that covers you! Green for the environment and your wallet!

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